Our PureSacra Essential Oil is 100% pure, natural, organic and FREE of any Genetic modification. Bare in mind our oil is very concentrated as no additives are added to our oil, hence the name “Pure Sacra”, so we advise not to use the oil directly upon the skin as you may have sensitive skin.


Essential Oil Application

Feet: Rub a few drops of Frankincense essential
Forehead: Apply topically onto forehead and temple and also on the back of the neck
PLEASE NOTE: Our oil is pure, natural and very concentrated, we advise you to test the oil on your skin first to see how you react to it and we also advise you to mix the oil with a carrier oil to avoid any adverse reactions.

Burning Frankincense or Myrrh Resin

Light a Coal (buy here) until is Red Hot
Put the coal into incense burner with metal tongs
Place Frankincense over it and enjoy the exotic relaxing scent


Frankincense Tea

Place 1 gram of Frankincense Resin or a few drops of PureSacra oil into a full pan of boiling water
Allow to boil for 15 minutes,stir frequently. Most of the water will evaporate
Remove from stove and pour into cup and serve, mix with honey to give sweetness to make into a dilicious Frankincense Tea


Place a small amount (approximatly 1/2 gram) of Frankincense into a glass of water, the more translucent the resin the better
Leave to soak for 24 hours in a fridge